Lance Graves Pro Classic barrel race, Kinder LA

About the Event....

February 16-19, 2017
Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA.

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No stalls will be sold on-site.

Need your stall opened?  Please call Flipper at 941-209-2209
Please be courteous if you are arriving after 10pm please call ahead and stalls can be unlocked for you.

Show Office Phone:  337-738-7709
This phone is only active during office hours.  See schedule.

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In 2016 over 2,000 runs!
Over 3,000 spectators! Over $375,000 in cash paid out!
Over $500,000 in horses sold at the Going Big Time LGPC sale.


Join Us in 2017

February 16-19, 2017 at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA.

Last year over 2,000 runs, over 3,000 spectators, over $300,000 in cash paid out, Over $700,000 in horses sold at the Going Big Time horse sale.

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